Hi there, I’m Christopher, founder of BYOND GR8 Apparel. I created BYOND GR8 to provide motivation and a bit of humour for individuals aspiring towards their dreams. Even if you have some type of medical condition, like me (T1D), or even a lack of resources, greatness is still attainable.

As a kid I realized that everyone expected me to be sick often, never amounting to much. I took this realization to heart and worked my ass off to prove everyone wrong, except my mom, like any mom, she always believed in her son. Throughout my life I gave 100% in whatever I did. No half assing, I always used my whole ass! I could never see myself living a mediocre life. After all, the height of mediocrity is still low. With a passion for lifting weights and pushing this belief to the world, the BYOND GR8 brand was conceived. Whether in the gym, in business, or life in general, you are limited only by your imagination and work ethic, so let’s Leave Mediocrity Behind.

About our Gym Apparel

While we love designing awesome patterns and prints, we also focus quite a bit on material quality for all of our products. We partnered with an awesome supplier who provides meticulously hand made, eco friendly crop tops and leggings for the lifting ladies out there. When it comes to gym tees, we discovered the perfect material blend and cut, we hate those heavy, rigid ones that are super uncomfortable for training.

If you're looking for comfy, performance based apparel, with designs that express the things you enjoy doing, like lifting… and eating, then definitely browse our collections.