Performing exercises with the correct form is paramount so that you remain injury free and get the most out of the movement. Below are a curated list of exercise demonstrations from trusted professional sources.
Dumbbell pullover -  (perform this basic motion using the floor )
Flies - (perform using floor as an alternative for the bench)
Pullover -  (perform this basic motion using the floor and use kettlebell as alternative )
Basic squats 
Jump lunges -
Nordic curls- (use chair or any structure you may have at home to lock your heels)
Squat + knee to elbow 
Lunges - (perform in a stationary position instead of walking)
Rdls- (keep same form using dumbbells instead)
Calf raises - (perform holding dumbbells for added resistance)
Hip swings- (use dumbbell as a replacement for kettlebell)