The push workout will consist of:
Kettlebell Clean and Press -,
Kettlebell Shoulder Press -,
Kettlebell Flye -, (replace dumbell with kettlebell, use floor instead of bench if you dont have one)
Press Ups-
Kettlebell Kickbacks-, (substitute dumbell with kettlebells)
Kettlebell Tricep Extensions- (substitute dumbell for kettlebell)
Kettlebell Swings-
Kettlebell Upward Row - (use kettlebell as replacement)
Kettlebell Curls - (use single kettlebell or 2 kettlebells if you have)
Kettlebell Bent Over Row -, (substitute for a single kettlebell)
Kettlebell Pull Overs - (you can keep your feet flat as well)
Pull Ups-
Kettlebell Crunch - keep your feet flat and use kettlebell)
Kettlebell Lunge Press
Kettlebell Deadlift -,
Goblet Squat -
Kettlebelll Swing -