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BYONDGR8 Genesis

BYONDGR8 Genesis

Gather around kids, it's story time. My name is Christoper, the co-founder of BYONDGR8. When I was a kid, 6 years old to be exact, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. No it wasn't from eating too much sugar, it's an autoimmune disease cause as a result of my pancreas being damaged from a previous infection. A kid at age 6 with diabetes? He will not accomplish much, so they thought. When I was about 10 years old I took part in a sports event and was leading my team to victory. I heard one of the coaches shout "He's not supposed to be that strong, he's a diabetic". From that moment I realised that no one would expect much from me. I was destined to be sub par and sickly. Nope, screw that negativity. I made up in my mind at that tender age that I would always succeed and be the best at whatever I did. I needed to be different. I needed to go BEYOND and show the world what I can do and PROVE THEM WRONG.

Throughout my life I gave 100% in whatever I did. No half assing, I always used my whole ass! I could never see myself living a mediocre life. After all, the height of mediocrity is still low. With a passion to push this belief to the world, the BYONDGR8 Lifestyle brand was conceived.

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