Fitness Tips from a Shredded Athlete - Hugo Greaves

Fitness tips and lifestyle of a bodybuilder

Hi, I am Hugo Greaves, a passionate personal trainer who finds joy in helping, inspiring and motivating people.

Affectionately called Huge-O, I entered the fitness world at the age of 8 after being introduced to Body Building. In 2010. I took part in my first bodybuilding show placing 2nd, in 2011 I placed 3rd and 2nd again in 2012 and 2013.

After taking a 2 year break, I returned to the stage in 2016 becoming a champion Ambassador for the sport of bodybuilding.

Today I compete at the highest level as a classic bodybuilder. I will continue to offer a great deal of encouragement to my clients so they can become champions in their own lives.

 Interview With Hugo

What are some of your accomplishments in fitness/sports?
As an athlete I have medal all of the 10 times that I have been on stage. As a coach producing a pro athlete and improving the bodies of other athletes.
How many days a week do you train?
I train 4-6 times a week.
Do you follow a specific workout plan or training style?
I like to do as many reps as possible with what ever weight I have. I'm not stuck on the traditional 8-12 reps.
What are your long and short term goals?
My long term goal is to create a gym for sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
What is your favourite body part or the one you are most proud of and why?
I am happy about the progression my legs have made over the years considering I never had any to start with.
How often do you work on your legs?
2-3 times a week.
What do you need to work on the most?
I need to do more back work.
What are your thoughts on incorporating body weight training into a routine?
When we do life outside of the gym/training we don't walk across the street with dumbbells or do house chores with dumbbells or go grocery shopping with Smith machines or stand in the bank line with an exercise bike. No we don't. We do these things with our bodies. So the more you can handle the weight of your body for long periods of time the better. So add bodyweight training to your routine.
Team Eat Clean or Team IIFIYM?
I'm on nobody's team.
What are your favourite meals?
Snacks and the last meal of the day are my favorite because I can have a more "relaxed choice" of meals.
Do you have cheat meals? What are some of your favorite ones?
I like pastries as a "cheat meal"
What supplements do you take if any?
To supplement my food which I'm a die hard about it could be a protein shake and creatine.
What is the one supplement you would recommend for building muscle?
For me it's all about eating food but if there is a need for a supplement it would be a protein shake.
What is the one supplement you would recommend for when cutting?
I advocate eating normal food but if push comes to shove it would be coffee.
When eating out, do you go for a tasty or healthy meal?
This all depends on why I'm eating out. If I am out to just eat out it's about wise tasty choices. If I am preparing for a competition then it's going to be about my diet.
What is the most challenging part of your journey?
Dealing with the wounds of the past that have started to shake the foundation of the present is the most challenging part of my journey.
What have you learned about yourself and others along your journey?
I have learnt that not everybody can do what I do and how I do it. Therefore I have to remind myself of this on a daily basis.
What motivates you?
The people out there that I have have never met, but I believe who are waiting on me to be a better athlete, a better motivator, a better coach, a better personal trainer and a better person.
Who inspires you?
IFBB pro-bodybuilder Cedric McMillan. To me he is a family man who doesn't only do bodybuilding but a person who does life.
What are some of your favourite quote(s)?
Everybody's body is different. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Leave no man behind. If every body looks weird then, no body looks weird.
Tell us about your support system?
There are people in my life that keep me accountable to training, to competing as an athlete and to life and living.
Do you find it challenging to have a social life?
No I didn't.
What hobbies do you have outside of fitness/sports?
Outside of fitness I do cinematography and photography.
What advice do you have for people looking to get into shape?
Get someone who can keep you accountable like a Fitness Coach, a Fitness Professional or a Personal Trainer.
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